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We provides 10Mbit speed hiqh quality UK VPN service for your everyday's request! From Windows PC to Smartphones or Tablet computers, our L2TP VPN service give you extremely smooth network access to valued UK websites, for FREE. 

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Encrypt Internet Access

Simply use VPN service to secure web browsing in school public computers, and encrypt internet access in restaurant public WiFi Open Hotspot environment.

Hide Personal Identity

VPN connection helps users to hide their real IP address. Through additional security layer it also stops hackers from stealing users' web login information.

Unblock UK websites

Gain free access to UK numerous amazing online video, music and news resources, just like you are physically living in United Kingdom ;-)


GetUKVPN.COM Free VPN service provides high bandwidth smooth FREE VPN connections to users from all over the world. You are free to utilize the QoS managed free VPN accounts to access valued UK web resources, including but not limited to online videos, movides, music, twitters and real time news. It's FREE and it's FUN!

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